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...Let's be friends in our faith

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...Let's be friends in our faith

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...Let's be friends in our faith

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...Let's be friends in our faith

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Welcome to Catholic Faith Friends

Understanding unto Salvation.


To enlighten and feed the flock of Christ unto salvation.


To care for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.


Let's be friends in our faith.


Understanding unto Salvation.

About Us

Catholic Faith Friends is a forum dedicated to every one who cherishes his/her Catholic Faith and wants to share it. Here, we are all friends and we tend our Catholic Faith together and grow together in our spiritual life. Often times, we get carried away with many other earthly concerns that we forget the responsibility of our Baptismal vows. Come, let us learn more about our Catholic Faith, Let us live out our Catholic Faith more and we will continually rejoice in the greater gift of our faith. This forum is brought to you by the Preaching Team of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) to teach the authentic Christian doctrine. Come, Let us be friends in our Faith.

Our Values

  • Praying always for one another.
  • Promoting the faith of the Catholic Church.
  • Respect for constituted authorities.
  • Desire and hunger for holiness.
  • Humility and Service.

Humility & Service.

Prayers & Teachings

Daily Readings & Reflections

Prayers & Teachings


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Let’s grow together in our spiritual life.